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Tuesday 23 June 2015

The Brewery, London

What if..? The future of business

What if… the world had no borders?
What if… robots replaced the world's workforce?
What if… all boards were 50% female?

The scenarios posed by these questions may seem unimaginable but are they really that far-fetched?

We live in a time of relentless change. In the space of a single generation, our lives have transformed beyond recognition. In this era of unprecedented technological innovation, economic integration and international partnerships, the changes to the way we live and work have been profound.

The 2015 Global Leadership Summit will bring together leaders from the corporate world, academia and civil society to discuss the impact of this period of change – and debate the possibilities that lie ahead.

Join us as we imagine the future of business and ask: “What if..?”

Highlights from 2014

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