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Angus Knowles-Cutler

London Senior Partner, Deloitte
Angus Knowles-Cutler

Angus is London Senior Partner at Deloitte and leads their relationships with the city's major bodies, politicians and opinion formers. Deloitte’s first office opened in London in 1845 and it is still by far the Firm’s biggest client serving location. Eight thousand Deloitte people work in the City and the firm derives seven percent of its worldwide revenues from London. Angus is a member of the Mayor of London’s Senior Advisory Group on the Economic Plan for London.

He also leads London Futures, part of Deloitte’s UK Futures programme which focuses on national and regional economic growth. His most recent report, ‘Agiletown: the relentless march of technology and London’s response’ explores the challenges and opportunities automation will bring to London and also to the UK in the next ten to twenty years. In collaboration with Oxford University, the study predicts that up to thirty percent of today’s London jobs will be replaced by technology but also finds that new roles will more than compensate for this in the capital. However, it finds jobs that currently pay £30,000 or less are eight times more vulnerable than those that pay £100,000 or more. The work has generated much political and media interest.

Other London Futures research has identified the city as clear global leader in high skills sectors and also employment.

Beyond his London senior partner role, Angus is head of Deloitte’s Transaction Services practice. He has personally worked on over 150 M&A transactions in the last thirty years.

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